Marriage Following Infidelity

No person ever declared it would be easy repairing your relationship after an affair. You still cherish your mate and have no wish to get a divorce. Your mate feels the same. They did wrong yet want to do everything possible to fix the damages. Which is admirable but you cannot help but wonder exactly […]

Signs of an Unfaithful Wife

Cheating may in fact be one of those things better relegated to the phrase “… different strokes for different people” because for some, cheating is a deal breaker, but for some others, it is just one more thing to “roll with”. Regardless, any man worth his salt is at least a teensy bit possessive and […]

How Can I Restore The Love After I Cheated On My Spouse?

I sometimes hear from people who would give anything to turn back time so that they could take back their affair. They deeply regret their actions. But unfortunately, there is no way to take it back. And because of this, their actions can hurt their spouse so deeply that their spouse can feel as if […]

Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

When you first got married, you may have never thought that your spouse would cheat on you. The two of you were deeply in love and may have been inseparable. However, time has a way of changing a relationship, and now you may feel as though there is a distance between you that was not […]

How to Rebuild a Broken Relationship When There Are Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Many find cheating is the worst form of deception in a relationship that your partner can put you through. At times, you tend to ignore tell-tale signs that your partner is cheating because of your love for him/her. Usually the signs are right in front of your eyes but you just brush them away. Discovering […]

Have A Cheating Spouse? Here’s 3 Tips On How To Approach Your Partner About The Affair

So you’ve recently discovered that your partner is having an affair, what should you do? Now you have a whole range of emotions, anger and trust issues that you need to deal with. This is the time to consider your options and think carefully before you go and do something irrational which might lead to […]

Infidelity: What It’s All About

Infidelity is a huge problem in marriages and occurs within 30-60% of marriages at some time. It does not JUST happen. It is a symptom – not a cause. Cheating can occur for a number of reasons. Depression, boredom, lack of sexual intimacy, and need for excitement, are a just a few reasons that infidelity […]

Fight for Your Man and Win the Love You Deserve

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to fight for what they want and need. And, unfortunately sometimes this includes the love of our partner. And, while love is free-we can be choosy as to whom we want to give our love to. Also, the right conditions must be met in order […]

Will Sex Ever Feel Right Between Us After His Infidelity?

I sometimes hear from people who are discouraged about the changes in their sex life after one of them cheated or had an affair. Often, they can’t help but notice that no matter how much time has gone by and no matter how hard they seem to try, things just don’t seem to be the […]

Admit An Affair To Your Spouse

Day by day, we often hear lots of reports and hear stories of famous personalities having an affair with someone else, whether they are politicians, famous actors and actresses, models, athletes and even leaders of a church. The news are truly heart-breaking, but whether we like it or not, people often ends up committing adultery […]

Husband, Wife And The Third Factor

It is interesting and intriguing to know, understand and evaluate the relationship between husband, wife and the third factor. Although the mindsets of all the three factors are dependent and independent still they are interestingly, interdependent to each other. Set aside the philosophical and scientifically established principals, the human factor can be viewed and evaluated […]

What Counts As Cheating?

It is perfectly normal to have the occasional thought or two about someone else when you are in a relationship, but when those thoughts start to be put into action you enter the danger zone. Face to face flirting, text messages, Facebook chat… etc etc may seem harmless at first but these things have a […]

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