Basic Guidelines for Interracial Dating

America has a long history of rocky interracial relations when it comes to economic, political, and social issues. Race remains an uncomfortable conversation for many Americans and avoidance continues to prolong a needed national discussion on the matter. The fundamental problem with interracial relationships in America is that it runs counter to the American historical […]

Make Your Interracial Relationship Work

As many more people migrate from one place to another, the new generation of children are now more open to dating expats. Many are accustomed to multicultural ways and traditions making them more accepting of other people’s religions and cultures. Yet, even if this is the case, the older generation (mostly the patriarchs and matriarchs […]

Your Russian Bride – Some Tips for Mutual Understanding

There is quite a considerable list of reasons why Russian brides are so popular among Western men. They are beautiful, educated, caring, forgiving, passionate, and much more. However, we should not forget that Russian ladies looking for marriage in the West do not come from some assembly line looking and behaving in an identical way: […]

Tips To A Successful Cross-Cultural Romance

There has been a famous line which went around that says, “Love knows no boundaries”. This tells all humankind that love is such a strong force that even having different cultures cannot shake it and put it down so easily. But I’m not saying that having a relationship with a partner who has a different […]

Intersection of Racism and Sexuality

Holding an open dialogue about sex and relationships in the black community is a complex issue. Intercultural and intra-cultural dynamics and ruptures impacted by the history of colonialism and slavery add to this conundrum. Black men and women become objects of desire and objects of envy and hatred based on their skin tone, hair texture […]

Long Distance Relationships

Once upon a time men and women would meet at a school dance or the annual town ball or via friends setting you up for a blind date. Things were simpler then. You didn’t expect to stray too far from your home town to meet the love of your life and once you did you […]

Cross Cultural Relationships Are a Good Thing

Cross cultural relationships, by definition, are relations involving two individuals who belong to different cultures. Although people tend to focus more on the negative aspects of this kind of relationship, in this article I will show how cultural diversity can be a good thing for two people willing to spend their whole lives together. The […]

Filipinas Make The Best Wives

If you are exploring your options when it comes to marriage, one thing you will want to discover for yourself is why Filipinas make the best wives. You are considering, among several other Asian women, perhaps, a Filipina for a wife, and you want to be sure with your choice as there is no more […]

Conversation Starters For Use With Russian Women

I had a thought today: what if I was using an international online dating service and really liked a girl from, let’s say, Japan? I imagined that I would write to her “hi” and “how are you” and maybe “how’s your day going”, and then my imagination arrived at an impasse. Do I know anything […]

Is International Dating Considered Taboo?

Online dating seems to have shed most of its stigma as being a last resort matchmaking method for the socially inept. Millions of people all around the world are using internet dating sites to meet their soul mates. However, men who search for wives on international sites are still shunned with stereotypes. One of the […]

Intercultural Flux and Gender Harmony

We often see Western men complain that as a result of feminism the Western women (and especially American women) have turned into impossible harpies, and that having a marriage or a relationship in the West has become impossibly hard, whereas in places such as Afghanistan men have the full control and get away with severe […]

Take Dating to the Extreme by Learning A New Language!

Don’t set on the sidelines and wait for the perfect guy or girl to come along and sweep you off of your feet. Take control of your life and open doors that just might lead you to find your soul mate. One way that you can do this is by learning Spanish. Spanish is one […]

Dealing With Interracial Dating Conflicts

The main objective in dealing with interracial dating conflict is keeping the lines of communication open. This may be the first time you have dated someone outside of your race and it is a new experience for everyone. Think outside of the box and don’t fight racist thinking. Instead work on characterizing and emphasizing the […]

Love Is a Many Blendered Thing

More articles, poems and prose have been written about love than any other topic. William Shakespeare wrote hundreds of sonnets eloquently pining over his current amorous affair. Charles Dickens scribed a tale of selfless love during the French Revolution in A Tale of Two Cities. Jane Austen pioneered romantic fiction with her novels of love, […]

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