Victims of Narcissistic Abuse

When you have a brief encounter with a narcissist, you might not realize that the person has a personality disorder which is typified by being very self-absorbed and lacking in empathy for others. However, when you are a target of narcissistic abuse, and are in a relationship with this person, your every day life becomes […]

The Truth About Domestic Violence

The honest truth about domestic violence is that it is a series of battle skirmishes, middle to great conflicts and wars, and deadly and near suicidal happenings. There is no give and take, and there is no happy medium. Jealously is at its heights, and hurtful rhetoric comes from all sides and tactics. This pair […]

Ways to Recover

How to recognise the non obvious domestic violence and 5 effective ways to heal the wounds from all domestic violence Domestic violence is physical, sexual, psychological or financial violence that takes place within an intimate or family type relationship and forms a pattern of controlling behaviour. Sometimes psychological domestic violence is referred to as abuse […]

Life After an Abusive Relationship

When a woman decides to leave an abusive relationship it can be the beginning of an unexpected chain of events for her. There can be a huge amount of fear and trauma still as there is the feeling that the perpetrator may appear again. This creates something of an emotional rollercoaster. She may have removed […]

What to Do If You Have an Abusive Partner

What do you do when you are sensing your partner is abusive to you? Do you stay in this relationship or leave? Can you change them by ‘loving’ them more? Will they be truly sorry for the things they have said? Firstly your intuition will be indicating to you, that something is terribly wrong. Your […]

Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence is an act of terrorism intended to create fear, to prolong inferiority, and to perpetuate women’s and men’s vulnerability. Sexual violence is primarily “gender” violence. It is used as a weapon to wage war on women and girls in the forms of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation/cutting, trafficking, […]

Abused Children

When it comes to moving on and letting go of an abusive past, it is not uncommon to hear that one needs to forgive. The act of forgiveness is highly regarded by many people and in numerous schools of thought. Religion has also espoused this outlook from the very beginning. So is it really a […]

Get Out Of A Miserable Relationship

One wonders why women stay in an abusive relationship to wake up to another miserable day of torture. It’s hard to understand their situation unless you’ve been there. With these women facing fear everyday from an abusive spouse or boyfriend keeps them trapped. They can’t continue living this way and must find the guts to […]

Why Jealousy Destroys A Relationship

Jealousy is an emotion that most people experience at one time or another. It could be a friend, a family member, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. Most extreme jealous people turn on their spouse or lover using terrible verbal language or in many cases getting physical. The jealous person fears losing their loved one to someone […]

Warning Signs

Abuse that occurs within the confines of a personal relationship is called “domestic violence”. This type of abuse may be physical and it may be psychological in nature. The only people who can say for certain that abuse is occurring in their home are the people who are being abused and the people who are […]

The Many Faces of Domestic Violence

Over the years domestic violence has become a serious matter in families, relationships, legal marriages, common-law marriages, dating relationships, or friends with benefits, to the point laws has been changed to make society more aware of the severity of how domestic violence can affect a person or person’s life in the long term. DV can […]

Psychology of an Abusive Person

There are different types of abuse that is categorized as “domestic violence”. Some people who engage in behaviors that cause injury to others use physical violence and others use mentally abusive methods against their victims. You will find cases of people who abuse only one person in their life and cases where people abuse anyone […]

Mental Abuse

Mental abuse is the most frequent form of abuse. Mental abuse is perpetrated against children, against the elderly, against spouses and all other forms of relationships. To have mental abuse in a relationship all you have to have is more than one person in the relationship and one person that is insecure, controlling, and domineering. […]

How to Handle a Verbal Abuser

Verbal abuse is one of the most frequent forms of domestic violence. People outside of the home cannot easily see the signs that this type of activity is taking place within the home. People within the home often try to make excuses for their abuse, and often times they even believe the things their abuser […]

Suggestions to Escape an Abusive Relationship

Abuse in relationships has no specific parameters or circumstances under which it occurs. This issue crosses racial, economic and social boundaries and is devastating in all forms. Recognize and acknowledge the abuse One of the first suggestions to escape an abusive relationship is to first identify that abuse is occurring. Abuse may not always be […]

The Psychology of Domestic Violence

Have you ever noticed the spillover of psychopathology into domestic violence? It’s as though a domestic abuse incident is an expression of a particular type of psychological disturbance. And some psychological dysfunction specifically expresses itself in acts of violence. In fact, as we note in diagnosing psychopathology, acts of violence and control issues serve as […]

Children Exposed To Domestic Violence

Studies show that each year about four million children between the ages of three to seventeen years are exposed to domestic violence. Further statistics also reveal that 95% of these domestic violence cases involve male partners assaulting their female counterparts. The children of the female victims therefore witness first hand domestic violence. This includes seeing […]

What to Do If You Suspect Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been called a hidden crime because many victims of domestic violence never report the crime. What should you do if you suspect domestic violence is occurring? This is a difficult situation because you may worry about interfering in the relationship and your friend or relative resenting you for trying to intervene. There […]

Why Are Domestic Violence Shelters Packed?

Domestic violence is one of the most complicated issues that our society has. We have been writing about the subject for close to a decade now and three things become clear. First, the incidence of domestic violence in the country remains steady at approximately one out of every six households affected. The second thing that […]

How to Change Domestic Violence Dynamics

What do you do when your partner tells you that your injuries and the marks on your body are due to “you name it” anything other than what it is? And the yelling and name-calling is deserved, along with the impact to your heart and soul. Sound familiar? More often than not, women in abusive […]

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