How Do I Come Out?

“Great communication begins with connection. What makes us different from one another is so much less important than what makes us alike-we all long for acceptance and significance.” – Oprah Winfrey “How do I come out?” is a very personal and individual question that I hope to shed some light on. “Coming out” can be […]

Lesbian Relationships and Friends

One of the most difficult challenges, particularly in a same-sex relationship, is establishing boundaries with friends and blending with each others’ friends. Plus, doing this while remaining secure and making each other feel like she is the most important person in the world! Ordinarily in lesbian relationships, the majority of friends are the same-sex. Friends […]

Lesbian Pregnancy

I can feel the warm breath of my five-year-old daughter against my neck, sleeping soundly in my arms. It’s been a rough day and she has been sick. As I hold her feverish little body, and caress her head gently I am filled with the joy of motherhood- there is nowhere I would rather be […]

Living Every Moment In Fear – The Beginning

Today is the 25th anniversary of an event that few other people have experienced; and that is to the good, because every day of my life during the past 25 years has been filled with fear. Putting these feelings into words and the words on paper feels necessary; but the decision to submit for publication […]

The “Pornography” of Marriage and the Other Side of the Closet

There is a lot of noise around the issue of gay marriages and when I read a number of prominent comments by religious leaders I felt that their description and understanding of gay relationships do not deserve comments such as: “gay relationships are wrong because are not creative” or gay relationships are just “profound friendships.” […]

Lesbians Falling For Straight Women

Many Lesbians have experienced the predicament of having romantic feelings for a straight woman. If you are a Lesbian and find yourself infatuated with a straight woman, better yet a married woman, tell yourself WHOA! Let’s paint a hypothetical scenario with a married woman. You have an emotional connection and a physical attraction for a […]

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is still, at the time of writing, unlawful in 44 out of 50 states within the U.S.A. No matter how deep a gay couple’s love may be for one another and irrespective of how long they’ve been partners, the privileges and safeguards connected with marriage are sadly stubbornly denied to gay partners. Regardless […]

Get Over the Shame of Realizing You Are Gay

It seems to be inevitable that for a majority of gay men and women will struggle with the emotional pain and anguish of accepting themselves as gay. This is incredibly sad for me to see as I understand from family and friends that being homosexual is simply part of who one is. No one should […]

Being Gay Is Not A Choice, But How You Live Is

Most gays and lesbians would probably say something like this: Life is hard enough, why would we add more difficulties to our lives by choosing to be gay. We were born this way. Even though we do not have a choice whether we are gay or not, we do have choices on how we orchestrate […]

The Basics of Gay Dating

As someone who’s had some practice in the game of dating, you might feel that you will not need any kind of relationship advice. Whether you are straight, gay or bi, you will still have to take heed of words of wisdom concerning dating. it is a complex situation that can go either way. You […]

The Gay Marriage Dilemma

First let me say I’m not personally invested in the issue, being neither gay nor married. But having been blessed with a wide range of super-powers, I’ve feel it’s my duty to come to the aid of my fellow human beings in their hour of need. Not long ago, when class warfare broke out between […]

Lesbian Love Triangle

My girlfriend is going to skin me alive after she reads this article, but she found out three years ago that my thoughts go against the grain in social issues. The question that I have been ruminating over the last couple of months was initiated by a friend asking me over key lime pie (my […]

Lesbian Dating

All too many singles, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight, start their romantic relationships with exclusively considering their mutual romantic chemistry. Chemistry in a romantic relationship is, of course, essential, thank you very much. However, when you are looking to attract, create, and nurture a life partner relationship, there is so much more involved […]

Lasting Lesbian Relationships

Writing about key ingredients of successful relationships is fairly easy. However, finding good examples of successful lesbian relationships is not as easy. Relationships, regardless if they are same-sex or heterosexual, are challenging. They demand commitment, attention and perseverance. Then on top of the usual challenges of relationships, the same-sex couples have to contend with the […]

Healthy Gay Relationships

One of the most important steps in finding a healthy relationship is setting boundaries. Without boundaries, expectations that may not be based in reality will be formed. First, decide what they are and set them: Make sure that you both understand that, yes, the idea of running away together is a great idea, but that […]

Tips for Accepting Your Child Who Is Gay

When my daughter told me she was gay and had a crush on a girl at college I was not surprised in the least. I had read the signs earlier. Most parents are fearful they will not ever be grandparents, or worry about being judged by other family members or close friends and the excuses […]

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