Children And How To Go On After A Divorce

I was a divorced father of one until I met my wife who had three children of her own. I had never entertained the thought of being with someone with more than one child. I was always concerned about my son getting lost in the shuffle of a big family after the difficulties of how […]

When The Other Spouse Wants To Return

The seesaw of emotions that rocks many divorces can be compared to a nightmarish scene in a horror movie. This is because, all the worst and most dreaded fears within the relationship get dredged up onto the surface and the raw emotion overload can sometimes become unbearable. In homes where children have been born and […]

The Five Stages in the Relationship Breakup

Haven’t we all felt the pit in our stomach, the disbelief it’s happening, feeling pissed off, calling up to get back together, and the sadness, when we go through the loss of a romantic relationship that we cared a lot about? Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote originally about these stages in terms of death, though they apply […]

Divorced Men Who Are Dating Again

You have already had to deal with one of the hardest relationship issues that you are going to ever have to deal with. Getting divorced is certainly not an easy thing to go through, even if you were okay with the fact that it was the best solution. So, you do have something going for […]

Taking Back Your Maiden Name Post Your Divorce

In discussing all of the behaviors and mores of the contemporary singles dating sene, there is a high percentage of mature modern singles who are divorced and back to dating again. Well, for the divorced single women, many of them consider their names and are pondering to return to using their maiden name. And some […]

Finding Alone Time As A Single Divorced Mom

Transitioning from married life to divorced life is a challenge. For a period of time, so much is different as you adjust into a new routine. It can be uncomfortable; but it can also be an exciting time if you choose it be so. It is not uncommon for a newly divorced mother to complain […]

Child Custody

A child custody case is like an exam in school because, not only are you examined but, as with most situations in life, you have two choices: 1. You learn the topic. When it’s exam-time, you try to anticipate or guess what questions will be on the exam. Then you study and review the topic […]

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), also know as Parental Alienation (PA), can manifest itself in any parent/child relationship but is usually more prominent in divorce situations. It is common in child-custody disputes. This article will discuss what Parental Alienation Syndrome is, how to identify it, how to fight it and how to reverse it. What is […]

Moving Forward After Divorce

Freedom of choice is available to us all. Grant it there will be life circumstances for which you have no choice. But when healing from a divorce, you are in charge of your choices. I think as women we sometimes forget we DO have choices. I can think of a handful of divorced women I […]

Divorced Moms Need To Give Up The Guilt

Divorced moms can struggle with the guilt of working because having a job takes up a lot of time. You can feel pulled away from your home life and all the little details that need to keep it running smoothly. This can lead to feeling inadequate as a mother. Face it, juggling the plates for […]

Getting Over A Failed Relationship

Like most people, you are likely to experience several significant relationships in your life – relationships which you will enter with a sense of optimism and joy, – but what happens when things go painfully wrong? Whether this happens after years of marriage and the birth of kids, or after just a few months of […]

What To Do With Pictures of Past Relationships

Over six years had passed and all the memories of what were once a family was discovered in a medium sized box that had been in storage for over four years. I was unexpectedly surprised when I opened the box and found wedding pictures of a person who I now barely recognized. Becoming completely baffled […]

Get Over Your Divorce and Get a Girlfriend

Being divorced may make it seem like dating has to be harder for you than it is for those that have not had to endure one, but that does not have to be the way that it is if you are able to get over the little bumps in the road and see that things […]

Get Back On Track

So, you probably never really thought that you would be in the spot that you are in right now. Divorced and back in the dating game. You might be feeling like you have a few things that you need to brush up on in order to have some success with women, and that is a […]

Meeting Women After You Have Been Divorced

It can be hard to get yourself back up for the idea of dating again after you have had to deal with a divorce, but you know that it is better to spring back than it is to just give up altogether. One of the things that does make it hard for a guy to […]

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